Siria Underworld Pimp Hustla #1 Sun Khamunaki Rupp's Comics Exclusive

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Writer: Vince Hernandez
Art: Romina Moranelli
Cover by Sun Khamunaki
Limited to 200 copies Exclusive

Enter Siria, a young aspiring rap star laced with a lyrical flow and ambition that cannot be denied. In the shadow world, she's been told her whole life what to do, what to wear and how to act--but she has her own plan for herself that only she controls. However, she quickly realizes that Hope is outlawed in Hell for a reason, and those with the deadly Willpower, or "The WIll" for short, are the ones that ultimately turn their hustle into success--a discovery that may end her life on the real!

Artist Sun Khamunaki created an exclusive variant cover for Rupp's Comics, for the premiere issue of Siria on this exclusive variant, limited to just 200 copies.

  • Variant Cover by Sun Khamunaki
  • Rupp’s Comics Exclusive
  • Limited to 200 copies 
  • Published 2019
  • Designed by Lady Mechanika's Joe Benitez
  • 1st appearance
  • First Print
  • Near-Mint
  • Bagged and Boarded