Shrugged Vol 2 #1 10 for 10 Rupp's Comics Exclusive

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Writer: Frank Mastromauro
Art: Micah Gunnell & Jonathan Marks
Cover by Jonathan Marks
Limited to 200 copies Exclusive

Aspen's Ten Year Anniversary celebrates the return of SHRUGGED! You think you're prepared, but you're not. You've been decisive in your actions up to this point, but now things have been turned upside down. You feel you've conformed your mindset and are ready to accept what you're about to experience, but you haven't. That's because SHRUGGED is back and ready to blow your mind!

Artist Jonathan Marks created an exclusive variant cover for Rupp's Comics, celebrating Aspen Comics' 10th Anniversary featuring Dev and Ange on this exclusive variant, limited to just 200 copies.

  • Variant Cover by Jonathan Marks
  • Rupp’s Comics Exclusive
  • 10 for 10 Variant 
  • Limited to 200 copies 
  • Published 2013
  • Aspen Comics 
  • First Print
  • Near-Mint
  • Bagged and Boarded