Darkstalkers #1 Rupp's Comics Exclusive

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Writer: Ken Siu-Chong
Art: Alvin Lee & Mark Brooks
Cover by Long Vo
Limited to 2,000 copies
RuppsWorld.com Exclusive

Robot Wars, CAPCOM's legendary action-horror franchise, Darkstalkers, arrives to comics at last! In this first issue of the new ongoing monthly series, the blood-curdling tales of MORRIGAN, DEMITRI, FELICIA and company begin with the sighting of a star--a sign, some say, of the world's impending doom. But are the Darkstalkers there to bring about that terrible end, or thwart it? Back-up story by Mark Brooks. 

Artist Long Vo creates an exclusive variant cover for Rupp's Comics featuring Morrigan in all her glory. 

  • Variant Cover by Long Vo 
  • Rupp’s Comics & Jay Company Comics Exclusive
  • Limited to 2,000 copies 
  • Published 2005
  • UDON Entertainment 
  • First Print
  • Near-Mint
  • Bagged and Boarded