Bloodrayne Dark Souls #1 Rupp's Comics Exclusive

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Writer: Steven O'Connell
Art: Rob Delatorre
Cover by Cedric Nocon
Limited to 500 copies Exclusive

Terminaly Reality's hit video game, continues in Dark Souls. BloodRayne investigates the disappearance of two Brimstone Society members, leading her to an ancient cemetery. Once inside, BloodRayne finds her hands full as she's hit from all sides by dark nasties. And Rayne's evil alter-ego - DarkRayne rises from the shadows! Also introducing the all-new Tiger Wraith. Based on the smash hit video game character!

Artist Cedric Nocon creates an exclusive variant cover for Rupp's Comics featuring Bloodrayne vs Tiger Wraith. 

  • Variant Cover by  
  • Rupp’s Comics Exclusive
  • Limited to 500 copies 
  • Published 2005
  • Digital Webbing / Echo 3 Worldwide 
  • 1st appearance Tiger Wraith
  • First Print
  • Near-Mint
  • Bagged and Boarded